Meet the Crystals

Spirit CrystalThe Spirit Crystal

In a Temple overflowing with magnificent crystals of all kinds, you could easily overlook the Spirit Crystal.  Sitting on the Tara Altar, it is not particularly large or striking at first glance.  But indeed it is one of the rare treasures of the KPC Prayer Room.  It is also one of the first two crystals acquired for the Temple.

In the mid-1980’s, Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, KPC Spiritual Director, received instructions in a vision that she must find a specific crystal to assist in her mission of bringing forth prayer energy into the world.  In the vision, an angel described the crystal in detail and told her it was to be found in Brazil.

What does one do with such a vision?  Jetsunma called Harvey, a crystal dealer and friend of KPC, asking him to find this crystal on his next trip to Brazil.  He agreed to look, but had his doubts about finding the exact stone that Jetsunma had described.

Harvey went about his business visiting mines and buying crystals, not seeing anything that resembled the crystal he was asked to find.  Then on the final day of his trip to Brazil, there it was, precisely as Jetsunma had described it, and home it came to KPC.

The Spirit Crystal came from inside a geode.  Geodes are rocks with rough and unremarkable looking exteriors.  When split open, they reveal beautiful crystalline formations growing on the inner surface of the rock.  Rarely is a geode found with a crystal that has formed inside.  This one was floating in a milky substance, not attached to the walls of the rock.  This type of crystal formation is called a “floater” by geologists.

Jetsunma expressed it somewhat more poetically as being “born from the void, free from attachments.”  Looking at the Spirit Crystal, you can see it is actually several smaller crystals merged together.  Gazing at it, you cannot see where one begins and another ends.  Its vibration is that of absolute oneness.  The meaning and function of the Spirit Crystal relates to giving up individuality and allowing the greater good to come forth.  It speaks of sacrificing individual liberation for the liberation of all – the great Bodhicitta.

To see this crystal manifest over aeons is to watch a miracle.

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