Saga Dawa Duchen Schedule

Come Celebrate This Auspicious Day With Us

  • June 9, 2017

These are four Great Festivals during the year that relate to the life of Buddha Shakyamuni, at which time the positive or negative actions are multiplied 10 million times.  This day marks the anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni’s enlightenment and parinirvana.  This is a wonderful opportunity to make prayers, offerings and to do practices dedicated to bringing benefit to all living beings.  Below is a schedule of activities planned for this auspicious time.

10:00 am   Opening Prayers & Mandarava Reading at Enlightenment Stupa

10:30 am   Shakyamuni Practice in Prayer Room

2:00 pm   Chenrezig Tsog & Live Release (saving lives)

7:00 pm    Sang Offering Practice



KPC – 18400 River Road, Poolesville, MD 20837