Dakini Valley

Dakini  Valley is an extraordinary parcel of land located near the Mogollon Rim in Northern Arizona. At 4,800 ft above sea The Valley is a spectacular combination of rugged, forested hillsides and gentle undulating pasture, with a permanent creek flowing through its heart. There is evidence of early settlements by the traditional, native owners of the land before European occupation. Settled as a cattle ranch at the end of the 19th century, the 148 acre property passed through several hands before being bought by Kunzang Palyul Choling in 1998, following the specific instructions of our Spiritual Director, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.  Jetsunma had asked one of her students to find a piece of land appropriate for creating a retreat center. On being shown a handful of dirt from The Valley, Jetsunma said this was the right property.

Dakini Valley, nestled in the Tonto National Forest in northeastern Arizona, is 148 acres of pristine forest with a beautiful stream passing through. It is home to Tara’s Babies, an animal rescue organization, as well as Buddhist retreats and a planned eco-friendly community. It is sacred land put to sacred use.

Dakini Valley Photos

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  • This is a 5 foot “Phurba” (ritual knife) rock that has recently been confirmed as a USA terma.
  • Beautiful scenery including natural springs and deep, rocky caves.
  • Also, protectors in the mountains, and dorje images naturally dyed in the rocks
  • Often an auspicious rainbow appears over the valley.


Jetsunma has generously revealed some of the extraordinary and sacred aspects of The Valley. Immediately to its north there is a large mountain with a stark, craggy rock face; it is a Protector that has guarded The Valley for these times.  Just beyond the eastern border of the property is the entry to a unique and striking gorge that represents  the stages of a woman’s life, from youth, maturity to old age.  On the way to the gorge, where the creek has carved through the hillside, there are magnificent rock faces colored purple, yellow and pink. There is also a large rock with a self-emanating vajra on its surface. The land also offers a large rock formation shaped like a Phurba.
Jetsunma has shared how potent the land is for spiritual practice, and that Guru Rinpoche is very present there, and that The Valley is an excellent location for the practice of Vajrakilaya.  To this effect, it is a perfect location for spiritual retreat.  Jetsunma herself has a home at The Valley, and has spent much time in personal retreat there. It was during a Guru Yoga retreat at The Valley in 2000 that Jetsunma shared a tune to the Seven Line Prayer that had been directly revealed to her by Dakinis. An extraordinary ceremony was held to honor and celebrate this sacred revelation.
The land  is vibrant and powerful; every person who comes to The Valley, for whatever reason, is affected by its beauty, sense of remoteness and its tranquil yet potent energy.  The Valley has already helped save many lives, when Jetsunma established Tara’s Babies Animal welfare as a rescue for dogs rescued from Hurricane Katrina.  Jetsunma has always held the land as sacred and precious, and a place of refuge for all.

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