Community Outreach

Services for the local and global communities

Jetsunma has said that because of the virtue of the vows upheld by nuns and monks, the potency of their prayers increases by at least 100 times. With faith in this, and wishing to use such benefit for the welfare of others, KPC’s monks and nuns offer the following services:

  • Foundational classes and study groups: KPC monks and nuns regularly offer classes at the temple to teach the basics of Buddhist practice and philosophy. Classes and study groups may also be organized off-site. See our monthly calendar for details or sign up for notices of upcoming teachings by email.
    Offsite talks and panels: Several KPC monks and nuns are authorized to give talks on Buddhism for schools, churches, community groups, or to participate in interfaith panels and the like. If you would like to schedule an offsite talk, please contact us.
  • Prayers for those who are ill or dying, including animals: People may request that practices be done on behalf of themselves or loved ones. Depending on the circumstances, the ordained may do Medicine Buddha practice; a sang (smoke offering) ceremony to remove obstacles; Chime Sog Thig for longevity; or Amitabha Buddha practice for those definitely in the dying process.
  • P’howa for the deceased: This specialized practice for transferring the consciousness of those who have recently passed away is performed once a month, but may also be performed by special request.
  • Shower of Blessings with tsog feast offering: This guru yoga practice is a powerful method for removing obstacles and vow breakages, as well as accumulating vast amounts of merit. Food and drink is offered and mentally transformed to be redistributed as wisdom substance. The offering and practice may be sponsored by individuals, families and other groups. If the sponsors are local, they are welcome to participate.
  • House and business blessings in the local community: Upon request, it may be arranged to have a group of four or more KPC monks and nuns come to one’s home or business to perform a traditional Buddhist blessing.
  • Pet and Animal Blessing: Buddhists consider all beings equally and with compassion. KPC monks and nuns can perform rituals to bless animals.
  • Hospital visitation: KPC monks and nuns may be requested to visit patients in local hospitals to make prayers or serve a pastoral care function.
  • Prison Program: Several KPC monks and nuns are trained to visit those who are incarcerated, or develop more formal groups under its Prison Program.