Prayer Vigil

24 hour prayer vigil for all beings liberation

On April 18, 1985, Jetsunma and her students made a commitment to begin Prayer Without Ceasing until there was no more suffering. Since then the 24 hour prayer vigil for world peace has continued unbroken at the Temple in Poolesville, Maryland. On February 2015 the KPC California center began a Prayer Vigil which is ongoing without interruption for 12 hours each Wednesday. It is Jetsunma’s wish that one day there will be prayer vigils occurring around the world.

Prayer Vigil participants take two hour shifts, making prayers and chanting mantra dedicated to the benefit of all beings. Kind-hearted and selfless motivation is the root, the foundation of the prayer vigil.

Why Prayer Works

The Buddha teaches that that we are not separate from others. Our basic hopes are the same, and at the level of our absolute, pure nature, we are inseparable. Because of this intimate connection with others and the environment, prayer works. As Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo has explained to her students, “Do your prayers go out and make magic in the celestial spheres? No. YOU change.”

Participation in the Prayer Vigil

You can participate in the prayer vigil by making prayer requests, sponsoring prayer and by joining the prayer vigil.  Participation in the Prayer Vigil requires commitment to training in Buddhist practice and attending a prayer vigil orientation. If you would like to become part of the prayer vigil in Maryland or California, please email us at

Prayer Vigil Requests and Prayer Sponsorship

You can add your prayer requests in the form below or email them to

Sponsoring prayer efforts is a traditional way to dedicate this constant stream of positive energy on behalf of particular people or situations. Click here to sponsor prayer.