Welcome to KPC

Welcome to KPC

May all sentient beings be free of suffering


Founded by Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche under the guidance of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, Kunzang Palyul Choling (KPC) has been a hub of compassionate activity for over 30 years. KPC’s ongoing mission is to inspire people to improve the world and end suffering for the benefit of all beings.

With communities in Maryland, Sedona Arizona, and Australia, KPC provides people from all walks of life many ways to connect with a practice lineage of wisdom teachings that emphasize qualities such as compassion, love, and generosity. Whether you enjoy walking meditations, animals, gardening, or traditional Buddhist prayers and methods, KPC offers many ways for you to engage, whether you are Buddhist or not. People of all faiths are welcome to enjoy the grounds and visit the temple.  Most of our prayer activity is webcast live, offering those around the world the community of prayer and practice.


Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo was teaching on compassion and benefiting all beings before she met H.H. Penor Rinpoche, a prominent Tibetan Buddhist Lama, on his first trip to America. During that visit, they both recognized that he had been her teacher many times in the past. He encouraged her to continue her activity because the essence was pure Mahayana Buddhism.  Jetsunma is humorous, direct, and contemporary in her style, showing by example that Buddhism will appear differently in each culture. She offers a place where all compassionate activity is honored and where the Buddha’s teachings flourish and grow.


Maryland is home to KPC’s main temple. It is located just outside Washington DC. Activities at KPC are focused around a 24/7 prayer vigil, where prayer for all beings has been ongoing since 1985. In addition, many sacred Stupas, statues, and paintings help strengthen peace and harmony.

KPC in Sedona, Arizona was inspired by an extended retreat Jetsunma undertook there.  Under Jetsunma’s direction, students built the beautiful Amitabha Stupa, which is now a prominent feature of Sedona; a support for peace and harmony for all who visit.

KPC in Australia began in Alice Springs, central Australia, with a group who met and became students of Jetsunma. Although many have moved to other locations, the close bond they feel with each other and with the Buddhist community worldwide has deepened over time. They embody everyone’s capacity to practice where they are, and through the magic of technology, they connect and provide support to all of KPC’s activities.

Request Prayers

Since 1985, the KPC community has maintained an unbroken stream of prayer. In addition, we do daily group practices. You can send prayers for yourself, loved ones, pets, the world, or anything else. We are happy to include all of them.

Webcast & Calendar

Find out what’s going on at KPC Maryland and what’s available online. We live stream most practices and events. You are welcome to participate.

Special Events

View upcoming special events, and see what teachings have been given in the past.


KPC is completely funded by donations. Your donation will help us continue to serve you and the community.