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Dharma within the Buddhist context refers to Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings on the nature of suffering and the method to overcome suffering and attain inner awakening.

The great scholar Shantideva

Dharma can also be thought of as medicine because it is an antidote to our ignorance or mistaken view of reality.

Lineage is very important within Buddhism to assure that the authentic teachings of the Buddha are upheld. KPC is part of the Palyul lineage in the Nyingma tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism, and can be traced all the way back to the Buddha himself through a long line of accomplished masters practicing what he taught and having direct realization of the truth themselves. This ensures that the teachings stay authentic, fresh, and appropriate for the current times we live in.

To gain an understanding of Basic Buddhist Philosophy, Khenpo Pem Tsheri Sherpa taught a series of 3 classes that provide an introduction to Buddhism from (1) the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, to (2) the Vajrayana practices that bring your realization to fruition swiftly, to (3) the role of the activity of the Dakini (female wisdom beings) in showing your true nature clearly. You can watch them here:

The Basics of Buddhist Thought, part 1

The Basics of Buddhist Thought, part 2

The Basics of Buddhist Thought, part 3

You can also dive into the vast wealth of teachings that are available below.

Khenpo Karze Teaching Series

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Join us in-person or online for traditional Dharma teachings to help us cultivate wisdom and compassion. Classes are offered at 7:30pm ET on the 1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday of each month. Registration required.

Online Classes

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Enjoy timeless wisdom in easy-to-understand language which helps you apply Buddhist principles to your daily life.

Weekly Dharma Classes

Listen to Dharma teachings from the vast video treasury of Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo every Sunday at 1pm ET.

Jetsunma teaches from the depth of her experience. She explores the classic Buddhist themes of renunciation (which she refers to as “leaving the party”); cultivating impartial compassion for all beings; understanding how everything we experience arises from cause and effect relationships (karma), and realizing the true nature of oneself and one’s environment beyond limiting concepts. She is cherished for the clarity, warm humor, and immediate practicality she brings to even the most subtle aspects of the Buddhist path.

Watch live via webcast

Watch Jetsunma later on YouTube

Buddhism for Beginners Classes

Taught by Jetsunma’s daughter and heart student, Atira Zeoli, this class series features foundational teachings and guided meditation. Classes include subjects such as ‘The Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind,’ meditation techniques and other important principles for those new to Buddhism.

Watch past classes on YouTube

KPC Podcasts

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KPC has created a podcast called “Buddhism for Beginners,” which can be found on most major podcast apps.  You can sample them here. Or go to your favorite  podcast platform, do a search for “Buddhism for Beginners” and click to listen.

Jetsunma’s Blog

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Jetsunma’s personal blog, Tibetan Buddhist Altar, has a wealth of information and teachings, as well as meditation instructions, prayer texts, and altar images.

Palyul Productions

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Palyul Productions offers a compilation of Vajrayana Buddhist teachings by many different teachers within the Palyul lineage who have visited KPC over the years. Click here to visit.

Glossary of Tibetan Buddhist Terms

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Names of Buddhas, Concepts, Teachers, Terms