Meditate, Pray, Study

Calendar for KPC webcasts

Calendar and Live Webcasts

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Join online for events and practices webcast from KPC Maryland.

Meditating at the 1000 Buddha altar at KPC Maryland


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Having a stable mind is foundational to any spiritual path. Meditation is a technique to accomplish that stability. Whether you are new or experienced, there are many resources available here.

Prayers at the 21 Tara altar at KPC Maryland


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Attend traditional practices, currently only online. Check the calendar for the practice, then click on it to find links to join and follow along.

A Mandala altar for practice in front of the Three Kaya Altar at KPC Maryland

Virtual Prayer Room

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Are you somewhere with no space to practice? Try our virtual prayer room! You can take this wherever you go.

Khenpo Sangye Rangjung teaching at KPC Maryland

Study Buddhism

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We have been blessed with a wealth of teachings by Jetsunma as well as great masters she has invited from around the world. Many of these teachings are available on KPC’s YouTube channel.

Buddhism for Beginners classes at KPC Maryland and online

Buddhism for Beginners

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Join us remotely for the Buddhism for Beginners series, providing insight and guidance into how you can apply Buddhist principles to your everyday life.