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People in Buddhist cultures have relied on the prayers of monks and nuns for centuries. Sacred rituals passed down in an unbroken lineage, from highly realized masters, carry extraordinary blessing power and benefit.

At KPC, anyone who needs help can request prayers. Prayers can be dedicated for any being including yourself, your friends, family, animals and events. Buddhist monks, nuns and lay practitioners pray for others without asking for anything in return.

People requesting prayers may also make an offering to support the Temple that offers a range of ritual practices. This culture of “mutual giving” generates merit which in turn brings positive benefit to the sponsor. If you’d like to also dedicate the entire practice, the descriptions of ritual practices (below) include a suggested offering amount. That said, any offering that you make is sufficient.

Practice at KPC

Practices Available to Dedicate

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Medicine Buddha is dark blue in color and used for healing physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Medicine Buddha is known specifically to help eliminate pain and sickness, purify disease, and restore health for both yourself and those whom you are practicing for. However, the practice is as much about the mind as it is the body. The practice purifies and removes the underlying, karmic causes of disease and cultivates the causes for holistic well-being.

Done daily. Suggested offering $10.

Riwo Sang Chod literally means “Mountain Smoke Offering”. Although Riwo Sang Chod can be performed with a single stick of incense, for more elaborate offerings a sacred fire can be built and various substances such as wood, incense, and medicine can be burnt as offerings. The burnt substances are transformed into inexhaustible amrita (medicine), that are visualized to emanate throughout space like massive clouds with vast desirable qualities that heal and benefit all beings. Riwo Sang Chod is said to be exceptionally beneficial for cleansing the environment, increasing health and prosperity, and stimulating world peace and harmony. It is a very powerful ceremony, performed outdoors, that accumulates both merit and wisdom. Done weekly.

Suggested offering $10.

Dorje Phagmo is an ecstatically fierce red Dakini whose head is surmounted by the head of a sow. The pig’s screech shatters illusion and cuts sharply through to the direct realization of the emptiness of self. She is often associated with triumph over ignorance and helps cut through attachment and desire. She is the main deity in the Nam Cho three roots tsog practice at KPC. This practice clears obstacles both internal and external and creates merit.

Done daily. Suggested offering $80.

Rigdzin Dupa is celebrated on Guru Rinpoche day, with an extensive 2-hour ritual with Tsog. Rigdzin Dupa, ‘The Gathering of Awareness Holders,’ is a powerful practice for dispelling obstacles and celebrates the masculine energy of method, or compassion.

Done on the 10th day of the lunar month. Suggested offering $125.

Yumka is celebrated on Dakini Day to celebrate the feminine energy of wisdom. The central meditation visualization is on the wisdom Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal, foremost consort to Guru Rinpoche. The Yumka sadhana is renowned as a full path to enlightenment.

Done on the 25th day of the lunar month. Suggested offering $125

P’howa is the practice of the transference of one’s consciousness at the time of death. It facilitates the transitional stages after death to result in the most auspicious outcome. This practice is done as soon after death as possible.

Done weekly. Suggested offering $15.

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