Virtual Prayer Room

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Welcome to KPC’s virtual prayer room.

Not everyone has a sacred space they can go to for inspiration, to meditate or practice, so we offer you a beautiful sacred altar space online from our prayer room to enjoy. Use it any time to uplift or deepen your practice wherever you are. We hope you are also inspired to create your own personalized space.


The Dharma of Hand-washing

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Washing your hands is not about you — and neither is meditation. In this class, participants will learn how to use the technique of one-pointed concentration to calm and center their minds, and how that practice opens the door to compassion. Both relaxing and healing, this meditation can be practiced by anyone, regardless of religious tradition.

A Place of Ceaseless Prayer

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For more than 35 years, the KPC community has maintained an unbroken stream of prayer. The prayer vigil is the heartbeat of KPC, creating a constant spiritual refuge.  This video is an example of the commitment and participation of the members to maintain this virtuous practice of praying for all suffering to end.