Live Webcast

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Live webcasts from KPC Maryland will appear here if they are available on social media. If they are on zoom only, click on the event on the calendar below to join in.

If there is a live webcast from KPC's YouTube or Facebook channels, it will display here. Be patient. There is a short delay. Thank you for joining!

Please view the calendar below to see the schedule of upcoming webcasts. Note that Zoom webcasts don't display here. You must log into zoom to view.

Calendar of KPC Maryland Events & Live Webcasts

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Events, teachings, and practices on this calendar will usually be live webcast. Click the calendar event for details. You can change the view of the calendar to show a week, month or a scroll (agenda) to make it easier to read.

Lama Pasang Tenzin is currently broadcasting Palyul practices live from the Nyingma Palyul Dharma Center in New York. You can click below to see their calendar.