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Buddhist Relief is Expanding!

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One of many similar daily deliveries

Buddhist Relief is KPC’s outreach program, providing food and clothing to the community. Buddhist Relief grows fresh food almost year-round, provides education so people can grow food for themselves, and collects food and clothing for those in need.

Jetsunma has been generously donating daily food boxes to the Upcounty Hub for distribution, and is now supporting Shepherd’s Table, who cook for hundreds of people every day. Her students have been enthusiastically following suit. Currently Buddhist Relief is also supporting WUMCO, IROC (Immigrant & Refugee Outreach Center), the First Baptist Church of Silver Spring and the Poolesville Little Free Pantry.  Buddhist Relief would love to continue and expand these efforts!

Jetsunma says,

“Please help me help people. They have nothing.”

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Two of the unique bins Jetsunma puts together to make sure a family can be really nourished.

A typical week involves many days of deliveries. For example:

Day 1: 100 lbs food to WUMCO
100 lbs to Shepherds Table

Day 2: A full carload to the Upcounty Hub
100 lbs to Shepherds Table

Day 3: Another full bin to the Upcounty Hub
100 lbs to Shepherds Table

Day 4: 100 bags of fresh greens from the garden, and a full bin of food, including a  large ham to the Upcounty Hub
100 lbs to Shepherds Table

Day 5: 46 lbs food to the Upcounty Hub,
35 lbs to IROC
100 lbs to Shepherds Table

Day 6: 150 pounds of food to First Baptist Church of Silver Spring

And it goes on. The abundance is truly amazing.  Recently a truckload of diapers was distributed between The Upcounty Hub and IROC


One of the truckloads of diapers donated to the Upcounty Hub and IROC

3 JAL bin-web

One of Jetsunma’s special bins with all that’s needed for a family’s meal (or more)

1 WUMCO_5248 NT-web

WUMCO shelves stocked with Buddhist Relief donations

4 Harvest to Hub2-web

100 Bags of fresh greens from the Buddhist Giving Garden at KPC

5 IROC_5324-web

Clothes, toiletries and other necessities sent to the Immigrant & Refugee Outreach Center (IROC)

6 ST_3556-web

Large boxes of food for Shepherd’s Table, who cooks and feeds hundreds a day.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this abundance of generosity by feeding and clothing the most vulnerable in our communities? We would be overjoyed to have your support! You can drop off food and clothing donations at the front porch of the temple. Or, donate below.

We must continue to make every day special for all of those in need.