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Food Garden

Food Garden planting

Spring is a dynamic time for gardening – and a great opportunity to share our gardening knowledge

One of the missions of KPC’s garden project is to educate others so they can grow their own food. To that end Claire Seesman offered the second in her series of classes – a planting tutorial – on May 29th. After her first class on creating healthy soil, this talk demonstrated how to plant tomatoes and potatoes. Participants learned how to plant these popular crops both in pots and in the ground and were given “chitted” potatoes to take home for planting.

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Supporting Supporters 


In addition to educating gardeners, KPC sends food to the tables of those in need by supplying over 100 pounds  weekly of fresh garden produce and perishable and nonperishable food to our community partners including Shepherd’s Table, WUMCO Help, and The UpCounty Hub. KPC also shares seedlings to help start gardens in the community. These nonprofit organizations excel in their ability to reach the most needy in our community, and their strength depends on all of us not only doing everything we can but helping them to do everything they can. This activity fulfills the other mission of KPC’s garden project: feeding people.

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Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Mr Singh & child

So far KPC has sent $25,000 worth of medical supplies as well as $13,376 in financial donations to help those in Ukraine. We are working directly with Mr. Singh, who is part of the United Sikhs team working in Ukraine. One of the most difficult aspects of an extended crisis such as this is fatigue – not just of those working but also of those trying to help. Things tend to run hot, then cold. Having developed a relationship with Mr. Singh, KPC has pledged to send donations monthly, no matter how large or small, to provide much needed ongoing support in a crisis that shows no sign of lessening.

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