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Food Insecurity in Montgomery County

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A 2022 Hunger Report conducted by the National Opinion Research Center affiliated with the University of Chicago found that in Montgomery County, MD: More than 1 in every 6 residents was food insecure. “Food insecure” refers to a person who has not had consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life during the past year. More than 1 in 10 residents were severely food insecure. “Severely food insecure” refers to a person who has run out of food, or gone an entire day without eating at times during that year.

In March of 2023, pandemic-era SNAP Benefits ended, impacting 360,000 households just in this county. A typical family of four experienced a cut of nearly $330 a month. Older residents, who are particularly vulnerable, saw SNAP benefits drop from over $200 to as little as $23 a month.

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KPC Buddhist Relief is responding. We’re preparing to expand cultivation in our Giving Garden to increase production of fresh vegetables for our local partners. We are increasing our egg production. A new generation of baby chicks has just come into our loving care. 20% of all eggs produced are donated to local partners, including food banks and meal programs. We’ve also been stepping up our outreach efforts to generate more support. This allows us to bolster and expand our support to our partners, who rely on our donations to help meet the immense and increasing needs of our community.

Together we can make a big difference. Please help us help them.

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