Buggin’ Out

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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 from 2:00-4:00pm

Insects are a fact of life in nature and especially when we are cultivating human made environments such as vegetable gardens. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel frustrated, when we encounter pesky insects eating the vegetables that we have worked so hard to grow. It’s difficult to even know which “bugs” are doing damage. The most common practices we have been taught are to apply solutions to eradicate “pests” only to find that once we have dealt with one type, another chomps our tomatoes to the nubs. The fact is that insects are just part of the interrelated web of beings, many of which are beneficial, in our garden system and in nature as a whole. By cultivating awareness of that intricate web and introducing ourselves, over time, to the many types of beings and their roles in the system, we can relax a bit more and let nature do what it does best, find some balance.

Garden-wide 2022

In this workshop, KPC’s Food Garden Manager, Claire Seesman will show us how to begin to cultivate a healthy relationship with garden insects and help us to develop skills to work with nature to bring more balance to the system. People who attend this workshop will learn:
Deep looking and ways to get to know the beings in the garden community
Methods and resources for identifying different types of insects
Garden preparation and plant care tips to aid in prevention
Tips and tricks for manually removing unwanted insects when possible
Resources for figuring out organic applications as a last line of treatment

Garden-tight on bug damage

The class is free but donations to the Food Garden project help us to continue the project’s mission to feed people in need and teach others to do so.

Registration is required by email volunteer@tara.org, subject line Food Garden Class.

Hope to see you there!
Class Size is limited to 10 participants!