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Helping the Homeless in Our Community

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Buddhist Relief is always looking for new ways to help those in need locally, nationally or internationally, and a new opportunity came our way this winter.

The Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH) assists the local homeless community by providing emergency shelter as well as helping them find and transition to permanent housing. For the latter, it can be overwhelming to finally have a home but not have the items you need to live in it! To help with this, MCCH offers a “Move-In-Kit-Challenge,” where an individual or group donates 30 essential items needed for someone to transition from a homeless shelter to housing.

Items needed MCCH

Buddhist Relief took up the challenge and delivered a carload of new household items to MCCH in December. We plan to repeat the challenge on a quarterly basis and are excited to be able to provide assistance to a new sector of our community.

Trunkload of offerings to MCCH
Arrival at MCCH