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More From Buddhist Relief to the UpCounty Hub

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KPC’s Buddhist Relief program continues on a roll! We would love your support as we continue making a tangible and traceable impact in our communities that need it most.

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Friday, Megan and Sandra and Ani Dorje all shopped in the morning, then arranged all they had bought together filling two cars. The total weight was a whopping 699 lbs! This may have included the harvest weight of 29.5 lbs.

All these items were donated to the Hub on 6/23/23:

24 lbs of Brown rice, 24 lbs of White Rice, 24 lbs of Regular lentils, 24 lbs of Green Lentils, 24 lbs of Yellow Lentils, 24 lbs of Kidney beans, 24 lbs of Black beans, 24 lbs Quinoa, 25 lbs of Potatoes, 25 lbs of Onions, 25 lbs of Carrots, 25 lbs of Cabbage, 15 lbs of Zucchini, 15 lbs of Yellow Squash, 40 lbs Apples, 50 lbs of Oranges, 24 lbs of Corn Flour, 20 lbs of Wheat Flour, 10 boxes of Elbow pasta, 10 boxes Cream of wheat, 12 bottles Cooking oil, 10 cans of mixed nuts, 12.5 lbs Cheddar cheese, 12 small bottles of Honey, 10 packages Snack pack pudding, 1 case canned fruit juice, 10 cans of Ham, 10 cans chicken, 4 lbs Stew beef, and 4 Whole chickens.

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Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this abundance of generosity by feeding and clothing the most vulnerable in our communities? We would be overjoyed to have your support! You can drop off food and clothing donations at the front porch of the temple. Or, donate below.

We must continue to make every day special for all of those in need.