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Over 1 Ton of Food Delivered to the Upcounty Hub Last Friday!

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With pandemic SNAP benefits no longer available and the rising cost of food, families often need to decide between paying for healthcare, or electricity, or food. No one should have to choose amongst basic necessities.

To meet this increased need, Buddhist Relief is ramping up our donations to our nonprofit partners.

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On Friday, we delivered over a TON of food (literally!!) to The Upcounty Hub. 2,240 lbs in total which took 5 vehicles to deliver and filled four of the Hub’s big blue bins.

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To give you an idea of what 2,240 pounds of food looks like, picture this:

73 jars apple sauce

35 dried kidney beans

61 bags regular lentils

  1 canned hams

60 boxed cereals

53 oatmeal

25 cans chili no beans

52 cookies

60 Dinty Moore stews

97 honey bears

48 jam/jelly Smuckers

80 CapriSun

49 ketchup

90 Mac and cheese

44 masa corn flour

40 mustard

96 jars mayonnaise

60 cans mixed nuts

36 Alfredo pasta sauce

14 boxes pasta elbows

48 boxes spaghetti pasta

13 jars of dill pickles

45 vanilla snack pack puddings

25 bags quinoa (1 lb)

15 boxes raisins (1 oz)

55 2lb bags white rice

56 salad dressings

23 salsas Pace

51 boxes of salt

23 Campbells chunky soup

50 pho soup bowls

46 Progresso soup cans

22 Sriracha

32 sugar (2 lb)

  8 vegetable oils

 4 gallons of milk – quarts or half gallons

50 lbs apples

50 lbs oranges

50 lbs cabbage, plus fresh green beans, rainbow chard, curly kale, and green onions from Jetsunma’s garden and KPC’s Buddhist Giving Garden

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At Buddhist Relief, we know that we can accomplish the most good when we work together.  That’s why we partner with other nonprofit organizations, like the Upcounty Hub, strategically filling gaps to extend our combined reach and serve more families.

Buddhist Relief donates food, clothing, and other essential items to our nonprofit partners on a daily basis — and we couldn’t do it without your support. Help us help them by donating here: bit.ly/Support-Buddhist-Relief

You can also bring in-kind donations of non-perishable food or clothing to the bins on the front porch of KPC Buddhist Temple in Poolesville, MD.

All donations offered to KPC/Buddhist Relief are fully tax-deductible.