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Pies & Warm Clothes

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The holidays and cold weather are fast approaching and it has inspired us to help!

Please join us in sponsoring warm clothing sets and 600 Thanksgiving pies for those in need!

We are partnering with the Immigrant and Refugee Outreach Center (IROC) to distribute the warm clothing sets. These high-quality sets include: new sweatshirts and sweatpants, warm socks, underwear, fleece blankets and body wash/shampoo. They are sure to bring much warmth and happiness! Learn more about the incredible work IROC does here.

AND 600 Thanksgiving pies? Yes, you read that correctly! We have partnered with the Upcounty Hub in providing delicious Thanksgiving meals to hundreds of local families – and we’re bringing dessert! So when you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal this holiday, know that you have helped countless other families enjoy a precious meal together. That is the true joy of generosity! Find out more about the wonderful work of the Upcounty Hub here.

We invite you to open your hearts and give today – help us help them! Together we can make a huge difference.

So go ahead and sponsor a clothing set, or a pie, or 10 pies! Everything counts!

Warm Clothing Set – $35

Thanksgiving Pie – $15

Thank you so much. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Warm Clothes & Pie