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Today’s Harvest to the Upcounty Hub

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CS-IMG_6116 Harvest

Thank you to the village of people who came out to help with the harvest today! There was a great flow of participation. Whenever one person had to leave, another would turn up to take their place. We cut, rinsed, stickered, bagged, put on ice, boxed, and loaded Ani Dorje’s car, all in time for the delivery!

Deliverd to: The Upcounty Hub
By: Ani Dorje
Harvesters: (I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone) Ani Wangmo, Leigh, Kunzang, Maura, Billy, Danny (Billy’s friend – 1st time at KPC), Anne M, Anne K, Ani Yeshi, Yeshi T. and (me) Claire S.


From Jetsunma’s personal garden –

Kale – 37 bags 0.5Lbs ea = 18.5Lbs

From the Buddhist Giving Garden –

Chard (huge rainbow) – 18 bags 0.5 Lbs ea = 9 Lbs

Chard – (small green) 14 bags 0.5 Lbs ea = 7 Lbs

Collards – 32 bags 0.5Lbs ea = 16Lbs

Peas – 2 clam shell boxes 0.5Lbs ea = 1 Lb

Total Harvested: 

100 Bags + 2 clam shells = 51 Lbs

CS-IMG_6112 Harvest
CS-IMG_6115 Harvest
CS-IMG_6114 Harvest

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You can also bring in-kind donations of non-perishable food or clothing to the bins on the front porch of KPC Buddhist Temple in Poolesville, MD.

All donations offered to KPC/Buddhist Relief are fully tax-deductible.

CS- IMG_6111 Bagged harvest

We must continue to make every day special for all of those in need.