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We Asked, You Answered!

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A mere 6 days ago we announced a fundraiser for one of our partners, Immigrant & Refugee Outreach Center (IROC), who added 73 new Afghan refugee families in the last 30 days.

IROC gave us a list of their needs, and with your generous help, KPC Buddhist Relief was able to donate EVERYTHING on the list AND MORE!! It took 4 high-capacity vehicles to transport it all.

When Shelley Stokes, IROC Program Director, saw everything, she burst into tears and kept repeating, “You have no idea what a difference you are all making.”

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Here’s what was donated:

10 large boxes kitchen trash bags

1 box trash bags

12 baking soda

12 baking powder

10 laundry baskets

23 boxes feminine pads

9 tea kettles

1 electric kettle

10 air mattresses

10 shampoo/conditioner sets

12 jugs laundry detergent

10 body wash

48 bags of sugar

2 bags white basmati rice

2 large bags white basmati rice

10 bags white basmati rice

8 medium bags white basmati rice

20 bags of cumin seeds

20 bags of cumin powder

20 bags of coriander seeds

20 bags of coriander powder

20 bags of turmeric powder

10 bags of chick peas

10 medium bags of moong dahl

24 bags of masoor dahl

12 small Similac

 3 large Similac

12 canisters oatmeal

12 stone ground wheat crackers

12 pepper grinders with refills

7 family size Oreos

6 family size Chips Ahoy

10 dish detergent

1 salt (more coming)

2 sea salt

2 bags lentils

1 bag red lentils

2 bag black beans

10 sets of pots/pans

10 vacuum cleaners

10 backpacks

6 boxes Huggies diapers

10 Crockpots

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THANK YOU for coming through for so many families in need. Please continue sharing our relief efforts and encouraging others to donate so that we can respond to suffering wherever and however it appears.