Amitabha Buddha


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Amitabha, is referred to as the Buddha of “Infinite Light.” Through his compassionate aspirations as a Bodhisattva he vowed that upon attaining Buddhahood anyone who remembered his name or prayed to him would be reborn in his “pure realm” of Dewachen immediately after they die. From there, they could easily accomplish Buddhahood themselves and be free from suffering. However, a pure land is also thought of as a state of mind, not necessarily a place like heaven that one goes to for eternity. Jetsunma has created a condensed Amitabha practice that can be practiced by anyone and is particularly beneficial to do when a person or animal has died.

For additional support, practice along with this video.

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The Prayer to Be Reborn in Dewachen

The Prayer to be Reborn in Dewachen is a traditional Buddhist prayer to prepare for the time of death. With a longing to benefit beings who are sick and dying, Jetsunma composed and recorded this tune for the prayer.

Jetsunma said, “When I listened to this tune, I realized that it was like a mother singing her child to sleep, which really was my motivation when I sang that song. I know that everyone that I love, I will be parted from someday. Everyone that I meet will die someday. I wish there was some way that they could be guided through the bardo individually. And the best response that I know of is this prayer.”

Any being who listens to this prayer receives a blessing, whether Buddhist or non-Buddhist, human or animal. It is especially soothing for those who are chronically or acutely ill, or who are on the precipice of dying. You can help beings by making this prayer heard by as many people and as many animals close to their death as possible.

You can listen to this prayer as an audio file here, or you can watch it here.