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Let’s Come Together and Practice!

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From now on, Sundays at 2pm, weather permitting, we will be practicing the Rigdzin Dupa Tsog in front of the Guru Rinpoche statue at the entrance to the Peace Park.

Please come! Bring a chair, your practice book and, of course, an N95 or comparable mask. It’s been too long!

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Rigdzin Düpa (The Gathering of Awareness Holders) is the inner level of Guru-Yoga from Longchen Nyingtik. The main deity is the Lotus-Born Padmasambhava, ‘Prevailing Over All That Appears and Exists’, who appears along with Mandarava and the eight great vidyadharas (rigdzin), twenty-five disciples and a vast retinue of dakas, dakinis and protectors. This practice of Guru Rinpoche is the root of all blessings.

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The internet is spotty there, but if possible, we will broadcast live on Facebook. More incentive to come in person! Jetsunma has made a specific request that we do this practice weekly at the feet of Guru Rinpoche. How wonderful!

Here’s a link to download the practice text: Rigdzin Dupa (v18-2022) KPC 

Come early if you want to help set up, or stay late and help clean up. See you there!