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Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, was an 8th-century Buddhist tantric master who is famous for bringing Buddhism to Tibet. Padmasambhava is an important symbol of enlightenment in the Dzogchen teachings of the Nyingma lineage, and his image is often visualized as an object of meditation. He is said to have had eight manifestations, including both peaceful and wrathful forms.

Padmasambhava is closely associated with the terma tradition of the Nyingma school, in which specially empowered lineage holders called tertons discover secret teachings or texts. Many of these texts are attributed to Padmasambhava himself, who is said to have hidden them in the physical world or in the mind-stream of students to be revealed at a future time and help.

Prayers, Teachings, Practices

Seven-Line Prayer

The Seven-Line prayer to Guru Rinpoche, is one of the most beloved and important prayers, in Vajrayana Buddhism and in particular the Nyingma tradition. The prayer has many layers of meaning, from the ‘outer’ literal meaning to hidden meanings. Many masters have compiled books, such as White Lotus, by Mipham Rinpoche, trying to convey the potency and immense blessing that comes from reciting this extraordinary prayer. The 7-Line prayer was found in all teachings of Guru Rinpoche revealed by the hundred and eight major and one thousand minor tertons, or treasure-discoverers, demonstrating its importance.

Sampa Lhundrup

Sampa Lhundrup (Spontaneous Fulfiller of All Wishes) is a blessed teaching given by Guru Rinpoche that helps remove obstacles. It offers protection from all types of calamities. Sampa Lhundrup guards against conflict, disease, poverty, obstacles on the path, vicious animals, disturbances of the four natural elements, robbers, sudden death, the intermediate state after dying, clinging to reality and attachment, and the sufferings of the six realms of beings.

Orgyen Menla Prayer

Orgyen Menla is a form of Padmasambhava manifesting as the Buddha of Medicine. This prayer, an excerpt of the Sampa Lhundrub Ma (above), is used for healing physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Medicine Buddha is known specifically to help eliminate pain and sickness, purify disease, and restore health for both yourself and those whom you are practicing for. However, the practice is as much about the mind as it is the body. This prayer purifies and removes the underlying, karmic causes of disease and cultivates the causes for holistic well-being.