White Tara, who represents longevity and is one of the main emanations of Tara, the female, or activity aspect of Buddha


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Tara is considered to be the mother of all the Buddhas, beloved for her swift compassionate activity that focuses on liberating beings from fear, anxiety, and danger. As a Bodhisattva, (and perhaps ahead of her time as a feminist) she made the vow that she would always return in female form to benefit sentient beings. In truth, she is the embodiment of our true nature, wisdom and compassion. Meditating on Tara helps us awaken to our innate Buddha nature and cultivate her virtuous qualities.

Although she comes in many forms, she is typically depicted with a beautiful appearance, smiling, and adorned with a crown. The 21 Tara practice invokes the wisdom and compassion from her 21 manifestations.

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