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Buddhist Relief and Networking with Others

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When Buddhist Relief was first formed Jetsunma said: “Get out there. Set up visible networks. Make Buddhist Relief happen. Be seen. Be heard. We should be set up, not only as an information hub or clearinghouse online, but we should actually take phone calls, and get in a truck and go help someone who cries out for help.”

“My only wish is that you all help me to keep my vows to help sentient beings, and in doing so, you will be liberated and will always be in Tara’s entourage.”

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Most recently Buddhist Relief efforts led us to Shelley Stokes, of the Immigrant and Refugee Outreach Center (IROC), who uses her basement and garage to warehouse and distribute baby supplies and other household items to Afghan families. She and her family have also been preparing a tiny apartment in their basement to house an Afghan family of three.

Buddhist Relief was able to help Shelley assemble groceries requested by many Afghan families. Large bags of baby milk powder offered by Jetsunma went immediately into the bags along with other items donated by Buddhist Relief donors – lentils, beans, disposable razor blades, new adult socks, and more.

We watched Shelley and her son Dylan happily stuff 24 big boxes of diapers into their car for delivery. She said: “Today was really special. I loved being able to show my son what kindness and generosity can do.”

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Meeting another immediate need, a mountain of disposable diapers arrived at The Upcounty Hub, an extraordinary donation from Jetsunma and her Buddhist Relief efforts – 100 boxes for the Hub to distribute, and 100 boxes for IROC to distribute to the Afghan families.

Yosselyn Rodriguez, Director of Programs at The Upcounty Hub, was as enthusiastic as Shelley to share information and resources to benefit so many.

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We must continue to make every day special for all of those in need.