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Buddhist Relief and the Upcounty Hub

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Monday, June 5th – the week begins:

Between Jetsunma’s offerings and the things Noreen set aside from the many donations on the front porch to go to The Upcounty Hub, the rear space of the SUV was full of frozen beef, canned tuna, sardines, lentils, nuts, potatoes, whole grain bread, elbow pasta (with sauce and parmesan cheese to go with it), oatmeal, cereal, sauces, condiments, cookies, pudding, sippy juices and more. Plus a box of size 6 diapers!

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Kenny met Ani Palmo and Ani Dorje at the door and helped them unload the donations. Two cooler bags of meat went into one of their freezers immediately. The rest will be weighed, inventoried, and added to “The Pantry.”

“The Pantry” is The Upcounty Hub’s new pilot program, serving approximately 200 families who come to pick up diapers. In the past, these families have been given a pre-made box of groceries as well as the diapers. The Hub folks discovered that not all the items in the boxes were being used, and had been given to neighbors or friends.

With this new program, they now offer families the opportunity to select some of their groceries from a newly set up pantry, based largely on donations from KPC Buddhist Relief!

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Learn more about the Upcounty Hub

You can also bring in-kind donations of non-perishable food or clothing to the bins on the front porch of KPC Buddhist Temple in Poolesville, MD.

All donations offered to KPC/Buddhist Relief are fully tax-deductible.

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We must continue to make every day special for all of those in need.