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Come Visit Guru Rinpoche

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KPC has a beautiful new Guru Rinpoche statue at the entrance to the Peace Park on River Road. Everyone is welcome to visit to make prayers, meditate, and find peace. Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava is known as the Buddha of our time. His name, Padmasambhava, means “Lotus-born,” referring to his miraculous birth from a lotus in the land of Oddiyana. He established Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet and is often referred to as the “second Buddha” who dispels all negativities. At the absolute level, he is the essence of all buddhas and masters, and embodies the masculine principle of compassionate action.

The mantra for Guru Rinpoche is Om Ah Hung Benzar Guru Pedma Siddhi Hung. Reciting this mantra clears away inner and outer obstacles, and calls on the power of compassionate wisdom by invoking Padmasambhava and the heart essence of all Buddhas of the three times. The benefits of reading, writing or reciting this mantra are immeasurable.

The Seven Line prayer to Guru Rinpoche is considered the king of prayers in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This prayer has all the condensed essence of enlightenment itself, and will bring about change, if many repetitions are done with faith and fervent regard to benefit beings.

To learn more about Guru Rinpoche, visit the KPC YouTube channel to find the full teaching and many others from Jetsunma Akhön Lhamo.

Thank you to everyone who has and will have donated to this project! What benefit this will bring, now and into the future!