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DoMore24 is Wednesday, May 17th

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Each Spring DoMore24 provides an online platform for local nonprofits to have a focused effort on annual fundraising with goal setting and a user friendly dashboard. It is sponsored by United Way of the National Capitol Area and showcases the wide variety of local non-profits who help in so many ways.
It is also a day of rallying supporters online via all the social media outlets. Volunteer supported organizations rely on the generosity and support from people like you.

SD- Guru Rinpoche with roof ornaments-

This year we are using DoMore24 funds to finish the incredible landscaping project surrounding the 8’ Guru Rinpoche statue at the entrance to the Peace Park. The cost of the project is $47,000 and we have raised over $22,000! Let’s finish the job!

Help us meet KPC’s $25,000 goal this Wednesday on May 17th. Don’t wait! You can donate today at: DoMore24 Landscaping Project

Khenpo Pem recently said in a teaching: “In degenerate times Guru Rinpoche was sent to help.”

CS- Site Design-web

The upgrades will include:

Constructing a flagstone patio between sitting wall and statue
• Excavate for patio, place dust and sand in patio area.
• Pour a concrete border around the existing concrete base.
• Place full thermal stone on top of dust thick stone
• On 16 foot area in front of concrete slab, pour concrete as base for additional flagstone

Creating a rain garden
• Excavate area to right of Patio area approx. 12’-15’ long by 8’-9’ wide (plants not included)
• Also construct a stone fire pit – Paul from Garden Paths Landscaping in Clarksburg is offering this feature at no charge to KPC!

Constructing a stone sitting wall
• Dig and excavate for footer
• Place steel rebar & pour concrete
• Level out and reinforce area to retain stability
• Add thin wall stone for the surfaces
• Place flagstone on top of wall