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Guru Rinpoche Landscaping Comes to Life!

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A week ago, Wednesday was an incredible day at the Guru Rinpoche statue.

For a while, it was touch and go. Everyone came early. There were two concrete trucks with full staff, both for pumping, and also the full landscaping staff. Everyone was ready to start before the heat really set in. And then, just one simple piece would not start!

It was the separate pump that pumps the concrete from the trucks to the site through the hose. Literally hours and hours of failed mechanical work, followed by call after call to find a pump that could be gotten NOW continued for hours. There was delay after delay. Everyone stayed and waited until a pump was finally found, cleaned and delivered from Virginia.

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Work started later in the afternoon on a really hot day – with the determination to meet the goal of getting all the concrete done that day. And they succeeded.

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The care and detail are extraordinary. It is a work of art.

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And look at the site now! As it comes to life, we can see what a wonderful offering this is to Guru Rinpoche, and to those who will come to see him.

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We only need $10,300 for the contracts in place to be completed. They are moving fast now. It won’t be long until it is finished. Please consider donating to be a part of this extraordinary offering and to fulfill our promise to these amazing artists.

Thank you to everyone who has and will have donated to this project! What a joy this is now and into the future!