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Jetsunma and the KPC community have been making increasingly larger connections and contributions to local food banks and services. Buddhist Relief is an example of the many ways we can support those in need. KPC is now partnering with the Hub, helping the Afghans (refugee community), and assisting Shepherds Table with their outreach. 

A huge amount of staple food was sent to the Hub this past week, in addition to the usual food bin which feeds a family for more than a night!

Jetsunma stated recently: “I’m so PROUD of everybody! We’re doing it! We’ve started the KPC/Buddhist relief food division and emergency relief has started! I want you all to pay attention. We CAN make a difference! Please keep supporting these efforts.”
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This is what was delivered to the Hub on Friday as an example of one day’s delivery: 
17 cans baby formula 
12 Bottles of peanut butter 
12 Bottles of mayo 
12 Bottles of ketchup 
12 Bottles Salad dressing 
12 Jars of strawberry jam
12 Small bottles of honey 
24 Chocolate pudding 
24 Vanilla pudding 
24 Oreo cookies 
48 Little boxes of raisins 
12 Bottles rubbing alcohol 
48 Bars of soap
24 Packages elbow macaroni pasta 
12 Bottles Marinara sauce 
12 Bottles Alfredo sauce 
1 Box of small packages Pop corn
1 Case Capri Sun juice 
25 lbs Potatoes 
25 lbs Carrots 
25 lbs Onions 
10 lbs Garlic 
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Jetsunma finished the message with: “DO YOU SEE WHAT WE ARE DOING? We are feeding people! We are helping! Join us!” 
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To support the efforts of Buddhist Relief contributing to those who are experiencing food insecurity you can help by using the link below.

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