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Our Buddhist Relief … The Hub

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Our Buddhist Relief program works closely with The Upcounty Hub in Germantown to collect and distribute the food donations and emergency and hygiene supplies to those in need.

Last week, The Hub began a pilot program called “The Pantry” for the several hundred families who regularly pick up diapers. This new program allows recipients to select and add other food items to their supplies. The program provides pre-selected grocery basics and then the families can select several items from The Pantry shelves to suit their specific needs.

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We are encouraged to see what a difference the generous food donations the Buddhist Relief donors make to this effort. What is so striking is that the list of food items from Jetsunma has brought not only more food for everyone, but different food as well. Food that people find beneficial and even necessary. Food they otherwise would not be able to have.

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Look at this shelf of Jetsunma-donated food, and the list of different and unique items that were in this latest bin: cereal, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, raisins, cookies, beverages, pudding, apple sauce, single-serve milk bottles, salad dressing, honey, mayo and other sauces and condiments, meat, cheese, butter, and more!