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Service Without Ceasing

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Meet KPC’s Newest Protector

You don’t realize how dependent you are on electricity, or how vulnerable you are without it, until you lose power. When your location is at the very end of a power line, like Kunzang Palyul Choling (KPC) in Maryland, when the power goes out, you are frequently the last to get it back. At KPC Maryland, there are simply too many sentient beings depending on consistent power to rely on the grid alone.
Introducing the Generac Protector generator. This 80 kw propane backup generator kicks on within 3-5 seconds of a power outage, tests itself weekly to ensure it’s always ready to be used, and is monitored remotely 24/7. Best of all, the Generac is powerful enough to keep KPC open no matter what the weather is doing.
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Electricity provides all of KPC’s human and animal residents with water, heat, air conditioning, light, communication to the world, and protection. Electricity ensures that Buddhist Relief, KPC’s humanitarian arm, can continue delivering food and provisions to those in need across Montgomery County, Maryland. Electricity makes it possible for KPC to remain a place of refuge to anyone in need and a home for the 24/7 “Prayer without Ceasing” vigil–now in its 37th year of round-the-clock prayer for peace and all sentient beings.

In these uncertain times, we are more committed than ever to ending suffering in all forms.

Would you like to help us keep our commitment? Your donation can help us do just that – no amount is too small!