DM24 tomorrow - open your heart

Tomorrow is DoMore24!

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AS- Guru Rinpoche-cutout-web

Guru Rinpoche is often called the Second Buddha, because the Buddha himself prophesied his coming, in this time of increasing darkness. He is said to possess the condensed essence of all the Buddhas, and truly he is here to help us!

This statue came from Nepal, is 8’ tall, made of fiberglass, and designed by one of the top artists from Palyul Namdroling, one of our mother temples, in Mysore, S. India.


It’s sitting on a one-of-a-kind steel throne, made by local artisans. The throne was painted by renowned artist Lama Gyurme Rabgye, who has painted Buddhist temples, statues and other religious items worldwide, as well as teaching the art of Thangka painting. Both the throne and the statue are stuffed with millions of mantras (prayers), offerings and sacred substances. Each was consecrated separately by qualified Lamas.

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We currently do at least one practice there each weekend where everyone is invited. Tomorrow, we begin the landscaping to make it not only more visitor-friendly, but more ecological.

CS- Site Design-web

The landscaping will provide seating atop a short wall that will encircle the Stupa with a khorwa (circular walking) path in between. The wall has a second job – to hold back the earth that we will be levelling out to make the area flat. The land is much higher on the west side, causing water to run down to the east. The design will “tame” the water and guiding it underground into Rain Gardens. This will also stop any runoff that might go down onto the road.

With all that earth moving and underground piping, this is a large project, but Paul, from Garden Paths Landscaping in Clarksburg, plans to have it done by mid-June, even with all the free bonuses he has thrown in because he feels such a strong connection.

We hope you feel that connection as well, and donate what you can to make this site truly beautiful to enhance its benefit for all beings. And then, please come often to use it for your own refreshment and peace.