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Welcome to KPC’s updated website –!

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KPC’s Spiritual Director, H.E. Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche, is a Dakini. As an activity emanation of the Buddha, she adds to the
traditional Buddhist practices and teachings by initiating programs and projects that address what is currently happening in the world,
encouraging students to engage in compassion in many ways.

Jetsunma’s focus changes as circumstances in the world change, making for a very dynamic mandala. The redesigned website reflects
her work, past and present, and will change with her in the future.

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Although not everyone comes into a site through a homepage, we’ll use it as our starting point. First, look at the VERY TOP of the home page above. Looking at the
top left of the graphic, you see four blue icons that connect to KPC’s four main social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and
YouTube. On the top right you can quickly link to the “Capital Campaign” or to “Contact Us” information.

As you explore, click on anything to see where it goes. You may find new information on familiar topics, and some new places you’ve never

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Towards the bottom of the home page (shown above) there are tiles with popular searches: Request Prayers; Webcast & Calendar; Special
Events; and Donate.

Below those four tiles are more links in strong colors that appear on every page: REQUEST PRAYERS; WEBCASTS AND CALENDAR; JOIN OUR

Main menu

Scroll back to the top navigation bar above these tiles.
Next to the homepage link you see “About”. This area gives
information about KPC in a broad way – locations, teachers, lineage
and, of course, Stupas. Each section has “flyouts” that show context relevant
information and take you deeper on any subject.

Next up is titled “Meditate/Pray/Study”. This area covers Dharma
activities including the calendar, webcast page, and the kinds of
practices we offer online or in person.

Donate/Ways to Give” features ways to donate money, make a
dedication that will be a legacy, make a prayer request or practice
dedication and ways to volunteer.

Prayer Requests” and “Buddhist Relief” have their own pages
linked to other relevant pages. Play around and see what we mean.

The “Resources/Blog” section has categories to which more is
constantly added. Right now included are:
E-mail newsletters.
More about Buddhism:
KPC’s annual reports
recommended books, etc.

On the main Blog page, the most recent post appears first. To
make it easier, you can locate any category under the main
banner and only view that.

Connect” gives general information about all of KPC’s locations,
contact information for each, a page of frequently asked questions,
and a way to join our mailing list.

Looking to the very right side of the page – use the magnifying glass
search icon to search the entire site.

This is only the outer layer of the activities. More will come as
Jetsunma imagines and creates new projects and activities.
Enjoy your tour and let us know what more you’d like to see.

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