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The Peace Park is Better Than Ever!

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If you haven’t yet walked the renovated Peace Park trails, well….don’t wait any longer!!!

Why?  The first thing you will see when entering the Park is a glistening 13 foot high statue of Guru Rinpoche surrounded by a flagstone courtyard with benches, a new fire pit, rows of prayer flags, an environmentally appropriate rain garden and, of course, nature.

TW- Rain Garden 4-web

Walk just 400 or so steps on the wide, manicured trail and you will experience the Migyur Dorje Stupa. The Stupa is newly painted, and the surrounding grounds have been re-graded to provide an improved vista for viewing and meditation.

SD- Migyur Dorje Stupa

600 more steps and you will arrive at the Stupa Garden, with the inspiring Long-Life Stupa surrounded in flagstone and seven smaller stupas, all decorated with a constantly changing ring of flora.

2022 Stupa Park-ed-web

If you have time – walk to the other six gardens on the beautiful acreage.

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The experience has been made easier and safer with widened and graded pathways, repaired bridges and stairs, and improved/improving signage and trail marking. A bridge and set of stairs are being renovated by Boy Scout volunteers to further improve your walk.

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Additional signage is in the works to assure you’ll always know where you are. And to help you decide where to go next, a new GPS map with a distance guide is available at each entrance to the Park and online, and the trails are all being marked with color-coded directional arrows. Grab a few and send them to others so they might enjoy this experience.

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The Peace Park, located across from the temple at 18400 River Rd, is a stunning sacred place of peace in the middle of bustling Montgomery County.

The Peace Park is both a gift to the community and a gift sustained by the community.

Through your generosity, this place of healing and hope is made freely available from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year. The stupas offer their blessings unceasingly to all who see or hear of them. Won’t you please consider a gift to KPC to support this sacred place? Your support benefits those who visit, and of course, your generosity creates the causes for your own Happiness.

Your support makes it possible for many more people to continue to access these jewels. As 2023 comes to a close, KPC is asking you –friends and supporters – to reach out and give. Your gift – of whatever size – will make a difference.