5 Minute Daily Meditation challenge

Welcome to Day 2 of the Meditation Challenge

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HHPR in Tibet

“If you cannot stabilize your mind and remain undistracted in meditation, it makes no difference whether you are in an isolated place or not. One of our lamas found it too disturbing to be in crowded places, so to practice he preferred to stay in secluded places like caves and deserted houses. Knowing this, a yogi told him, “Whether your mind is distracted or not doesn’t depend on where you stay. If your mind is relaxed and undistracted, you can stay anywhere. It doesn’t depend on where your body is—that’s what it means to be a yogi!” Nobody has a stable mind in the beginning, however, so it can be difficult to abide in the state of meditation, but if you truly put effort into your practice, you’ll gradually get used to it and your mind will become more relaxed.”

–HH Penor Rinpoche, An Ocean of Blessings

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