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KPC Treating Its Own Wastewater

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Kunzang Palyul Choling (KPC), the Buddhist Temple on River Road, has again begun treating its wastewater in an environmentally-sensitive and economically efficient way through its constructed wetlands—no more expensive pumping of septic tanks, no more stress on municipal treatment systems. Instead, they are treating their wastewater through organic processes and releasing the cleaned water back to the watershed.

Since 1988, KPC has been a leader in this technology with the first—and still the only—constructed wetlands of its kind in Maryland. The wetlands are a set of planted sand and gravel ponds, which naturally filter the wastewater, which is further treated with aerators, filters, and ultraviolet light, then extensively tested before being released.

This design, the brainchild of sangha member David Bailey, was specially engineered and certified by multiple agencies and has been monitored and maintained by sangha volunteers since its installation. In addition, KPC has maintained support of the courses, testing, and licensure of the primary volunteer operator through the State of Maryland Department of Environmental Protection.

With the addition of a state-of-the-art underground nitrogen-removing tank, the system is performing better than ever and will continue to far into the future. Other upgrades included a smaller, more efficient UV lighting unit.

New Wetlands Design