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Gaden Shartse Monks Visit Amitabha Stupa

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Gaden Shartse Monks at Stupa

The Gaden Shartse Cultural Foundation ‘Sacred Earth and Healing Arts of Tibet’ Tour returned to Sedona, March 5-22, 2023. The Tibetan monks have been visiting Sedona since 1989 to spread peace, compassion and tolerance through cultural exchange, interfaith dialogue, and Buddhist teachings. Their home, Gaden Shartse Phukhang Monastery, founded by H.H. Dalai Lama, is located in South India in the Tibetan Refugee Settlement at Mundgod, India. This is very near our Palyul Namdroling Monastery in Mysore, South India.

The 2023 Delegation

The tour began with a free event on Sunday, March 5, with prayers for humanity, health and peace at the Sedona Amitabha Stupa. In addition, they finished their tour with a final free Dedication Prayer also at the Amitabha on Sunday, March 19.

While there, they offered homage to those who built the Stupa, including the Lamas who oversaw it, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche and Tulku Sangngag Rinpoche, as well as those who did the physical work. They said everyone had done a wonderful job and the Stupa was a powerful place of healing.

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