15 Miracles of Buddha Shakyamuni

KPC wishes everyone Losar Tashi Delek (Happy Losar)!

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Happy Losar

Losar is the start of the Tibetan New Year. This year Losar falls on Tuesday, February 21st. The first fifteen days of the year celebrate the fifteen successive days on which the Buddha displayed a different miracle in order to increase the merit and inspire the devotion of future disciples. Some of the well-known miracles from the 15 days are: A toothpick grows into a marvelous tree; Buddha creates a Jeweled mountain; Buddha creates a great lake: Golden light purifies the world; Buddha reveals everyone’s thoughts.

Because of the Buddha’s activity, during this two-week period the effects of all posi­tive and nega­tive ac­tions are mul­tiplied 100,000 ­times. On the last day, Chotrul Duchen (March 8th), the merit is mul­tiplied 10 million times.

The celebration of Losar mixes sacred and cultural practices including praying, auspicious ceremonies, hanging prayer flags, lama dancing, and even partying by the lay community (non-ordained). It is the most widely celebrated of all Tibetan festivals and represents a time for all things to be purified and renewed. Tibetans follow a lunar calendar, so the date of Losar changes from year to year.

KPC’s practice schedule for both Losar (February 21st) and Chotrul Duchen (March 7th) is the same. You can find the details on the Calendar. Just click on the date.

If you can come to KPC during the day please enjoy the Stupas and sacred statues in the Peace Park and on the grounds outside of the Temple. And as an exciting addition, the indoor Prayer Room will be open to visitors from 11am-4pm on both Losar and Chotrul Duchen. Please wear an N95 or comparable mask while inside this sacred shrine room.

And join us online for practices, wherever you are! We extend prayers and wishes for everyone’s year of the Water Rabbit to be filled with joy and love.