Khenpo & Chhamba Gumba

Kyabje Gyangkhang Khentrul Rinpoche to Consecrate Two Temples in Nepal

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Khenpo Pem Tsheri Sherpa, who is the resident Khenpo at KPC in Maryland, has also been hard at work building a new temple in his village in Nepal. The old one was destroyed by an earthquake a few years ago. That temple became two temples to accommodate the difficulty in traveling from one part of the village to another in this mountainous region. Both are almost complete and this month, Kyabje Gyangkhang Rinpoche has come to consecrate the two temples. This is a huge blessing for this region in Nepal and for all beings. Enjoy the videos of the two temples and the invitation video for the event.
Chhamba Gumba
This is the first temple built and the larger of the two.
Yarling Gumba
This is the second temple built a mile away on the next mountain.

“Hearty Invitation”

Dolakha District, Gaurishankar Rural Municipality Ward No. We would like to invite all parents, brothers and sisters to attend the program and receive the abhisheka of Chamba Gumba and Yarjang Gumba on 2075 and enjoy the musical program.


(1) February/10/2023 or 2076 Magh 26 Friday at Chamba Gumba.

– Worship starts at 9 am.

– Grand welcome program of Param revered Chogtrul Gyangkhang Rinpoche at 9 am.

– Gumba’s Pran Pratishthan program from 9:30 am.

– Abhisheka from 10 am.

– Formal program from 1 pm.

– DJ for unmatched musical performance of popular senior singer Raju Lama (Mongolian Heart Band) and finally dancing from 1:30 PM.

(2) February/11/2023 or 2076 Magh 26 Saturday at Yarjang Gumba.

– Worship starts from 10 am.

– Grand welcome program of Param revered Chogtul Gangkhang Rinpochyejiu at 9 am.

– Gumba’s Pran Pratishthan program from 9:30 am.

– Formal program from 12:00 pm.

As you see, a consecration is quite an event!

As Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche’s dedication prayer says,

“By this effort, may all sentient beings be free of suffering.

May their minds be filled with the nectar of virtue.

In this way, may all causes resulting in suffering be extinguished,

And only the light of compassion shine throughout all realms.”