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37 Practices of a Bodhisattva – Teachings by Khenpo Pem Tsheri Sherpa


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Save the date – weekend of September 9th-11th 2022 

One of the most famous native Tibetan texts on mind training, this classic by Tokme Zangpo summarizes the teachings of Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryāvatāra and other sources, to present the path of the bodhisattva in just thirty-seven four-line verses.

“In short, no matter what one might be doing,

By examining always the status of one’s mind,

With continuous mindfulness and alertness,

To bring about the good of others—this is the practice of all the bodhisattvas.”

PTS- 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva-web

The schedule is: 

Friday, September 9th, 7:30pm

Saturday, September 10th, 11am and 2pm

Sunday, September 11th, 11am

Sunday, September 11th, Q&A, 2pm, outside, in person with Khenpo.

Each teaching lasts approximately 1.5 hrs.

You can download the text to use for the class, and also a list of commentaries below.

The teachings will be streamed live on YouTube and you can access them later if you cannot attend the live classes.

We are asking that you register to support these teachings.

Suggested donations levels: 

Single teaching – $30 each

Series of 4 teachings – $100

Sponsor series – $180

We hope to see you there!