Weekends at KPC 5-27-23

What’s Going on This Weekend at KPC

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8am-8pm – Prayer Room open to visitors – masks optional

7pm – Medicine Buddha – on Facebook Live or YouTube

Daily tsogs – check tara.org/pray-with-us/ for schedule


10am – Meditation Class – in-person or on YouTube

12pm – Riwo Sang Chod smoke offering puja (on Facebook or in-person), immediately followed by the Daily NamCho accumulation practice (on Zoom or in-person)


10am – Meditation Class- in-person or on YouTube

11am – Jetsunma Teaching (previously recorded) – on YouTube

2pm Rigdzin Dupa practice – on Facebook (when possible) or in-person at Guru Rinpoche statue in Peace Park (weather permitting). Bring a chair or blanket to sit on. If you need a copy of the practice, visit tara.org/pray-with-us/ and download the text from the event on our Google calendar. You do not have to stay for the whole practice, but you’re welcome to join us!

4pm Drumming for Rain

The Buddhist Giving Garden is already providing food to Shepard’s Table and other local food pantries. The grounds, stupa gardens, and Peace Park are open to visitors from dawn to dusk. Want to get more involved than that? Become a volunteer! Visit Tara.org/Volunteer-Maryland/ to join in the fun!

Drum for Rain 5-28-23

Join us tomorrow (Sunday 5/28) at 4pm to drum for rain! The drum circle will be at the Guru Rinpoche statue at the entrance to the Peace Park, across the street from the temple. We will be chanting Tara mantra as we drum, praying for abundant rain to ease the drought. All are welcome!

Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on, and any drums you have – the more the merrier! If you don’t have any drums, there may be extra available. Either way, you can chant along with everyone.

The Tara mantra is Om Tare Tuttare Ture So Ha (pronounced om tar-ray too-tar-ray too-ray so-ha). To learn more about Tara, please visit Tara.org/deities-and-practices/tara/

The DC area is currently experiencing “abnormally dry” conditions and the streams are drying up. Many other regions of the world are also experiencing drought conditions. We will dedicate our prayers to bringing life-giving rain to all who need it!

This is being announced at the last minute because we are planning the drum circles based on weather conditions. Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, Spiritual Director of KPC, says, “You need to gather when the clouds start to form. Don’t look for miracles, work for results. If the conditions are there then all you have to do is pull it forward, by pleasing the deities with your music and mantra, by calling out to Tara and asking for protection. Eh ma ho. Water comes.”

Please join us. Let’s make it rain! And stay tuned for more drum circles in the future!