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An Endless Stream of Blessings

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From the very beginning when students first heard Jetsunma teach, before she was known as Jetsunma, they were drawn by the power of her teachings to resonate as truth.

Later, when H.H. Penor Rinpoche first came to America in 1985, he authenticated her teachings as being traditional Mahayana Buddhism and told her to continue to teach often.

JAL & Atira

Jetsunma did just that, creating a legacy of many hundreds of recorded teachings which continue to inspire all who hear them.

Also, since those early days, many other Buddhist teachers have come to KPC offering a long stream of teachings which fuel and inspire students continually to the present day, including the Rinchen Terdzod cycle of revealed teachings from Guru Rinpoche, which is rarely given.  Also offered were the Nam Cho revelations of Terton Migyur Dorje – central to our Palyul tradition; the Longchen Nyingtik transmissions, Nyingtik Yabshi, Dudjom treasures, as well as newer termas by more recent treasure revealers (tertons).

KPC Mandala altar
The Mandala Altar in the KPC Maryland Dharma Teaching Room

On a recent visit, Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, seated next to the Mandala in the Dharma room, said that he could feel the energies of the many teachings and teachers who had been through KPC. Their blessings remain undiminished. This is the miracle of Dharma. Their essence is still there for you.

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The Statue of Lady Liberty at the Entrance to KPC Maryland

To visit KPC inside or outside is to experience the presence of all those teachers and teachings as they resonate endlessly – touching all who come here. Any offering you make, whether it is to volunteer, donate, or just come and pray, connects you to this stream of blessings, and the teachers who brought them. You also reap the merit of those students who come later and benefit from the wisdom. We invite you to nourish yourself often.

Thank you so very much for your support.